IT for efficient and standardized mainframe IT hosting

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Mainframe factoring from a central repository as far as the IPL with intelligent software provisioning. Find out more
With our solutions, you can standardize system operation and the engineering of your mainframe, optimize recurring tasks and if necessary outsource them…with 24/7 reliability. Find out more
Error diagnosis, data reconstruction and insights into the linking of several databases. TIP is the debugging tool for IMS and DB2. Find out more

IT for application support and development

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Microservices not only for the utilization of our legacy Mainframe portfolio, but also for your own z/OS application and software elements. Find out more
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We offer the only end-to-end software suite for job management in z/OS and open world – from planning and direct scheduling to logging with a RESTful API for linking your open source-based ... Find out more
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With OFTP Managed File Transfer, you can incorporate sensitive and critical data into workflows and transfer them in encrypted form between internal and external systems – with no losses and in a ... Find out more