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A T-Systems product for secure and reliable data transfer – even via the Internet

rvs® is a generation of products which is further developed on an ongoing basis. It has therefore acquired a particularly high level of flexibility.
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Through the use of the OFTP2 communication protocol and with the global availability of the Internet, it is now possible to use the same solution everywhere. In a world of global information connectivity, exchanging critical document contents and large quantities of data via various communication protocols is now an everyday occurrence.
Whether you use it when communicating with your partners, customers or branches or within your own company: the rvs® range of products helps you with flexible, scalable, automated and reliable solutions for managing your data transfer.
Our products can easily be integrated into existing complex IT environments and operating systems. rvs® can be used around the world in any sector.
Secure data transfer with rvs® is based on the 2204 and 5024 RFCs which are defined and standardized by the Odette Organisation.
The rvs® team is part of Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm – T-Systems International GmbH. On the basis of a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems International GmbH operates information and communication technology systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions.
With offices in over 20 countries and the ability to deliver globally, T-Systems serves companies from all sectors – from the automotive industry, telecommunications, finance, commerce, the service industry, media, energy and manufacturing to public administration and health care. T-Systems International GmbH further develops its rvs® products on an ongoing basis.
As a leading OFTP software provider in the ODETTE Organisation, T-Systems International GmbH plays a leading role in specifying and further developing the OFTP communication protocols (OFTP2).
The rvsEVO product line complies with all the requirements as regards “reliable communication” (security measures to ensure reliable data transfer).
This includes:
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of data transferred
  • Session encryption with TLS (transfer path)
  • File encryption with AES, triple DES
  • Safeguarding the integrity of data transferred
    • Data signature
    • End-to-end response (EERP) signature
  • Safeguarding the authenticity of data
    • The identity of those involved is established via certificates when a connection is established
    • Safeguarding the traceability of data transfer
  • Non-repudiation
    • End-to-end response (EERP) signature
rvs technology

An overview of rvs® functions and properties


For secure Internet communication with the help of the OFTP2 standard, we offer our rvsEVO with Proxy product.
Thanks to the described mechanisms, the entire rvsEVO product line guarantees secure data transfer by using the OFTP2 (ODETTE File Transfer Protocol) protocol. The OFTP2 protocol is defined and standardized in RFC 5024.
Our rvsEVO software product is therefore suitable for exchanging the most sensitive business information via the Internet. Experience all the functions of rvsEVO yourself.
Download the test version under rvsEVO Download.
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