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The T-Systems rvs product line.

OFTP-based secure communication – for the Internet too

By further developing its rvs® products on an ongoing basis, T-Systems ensures that they always meet the latest customer requirements. rvs® is a software product based on the OFTP protocol for automatically transporting data. It offers everything needed to transfer data securely.
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  • Reliability and cost reduction
    Reliable management of your data transfer ensures quick and fully traceable business processes. This results in improved operative flexibility, quicker reaction times and thus reduced costs.
  • Comprehensive control and management of data transfer
    As a modern file transfer solution, rvs® enables you to control and manage data movements between business units and systems within your company and to external business partners.
  • Flexible solutions for flexible needs
    Our rvs® product range offers a particularly high level of flexibility. This is achieved by having various editions for different applications. From rvs® Tiny, the “lean” solution for small companies and branch networks to rvs®Data Center and rvs®EVO Enterprise Edition for the most demanding requirements in the area of asynchronous file transfer. With these products, rvs® offers a flexible communication service 24/7.
  • Can be used globally across sectors
    As a T-Systems product, rvs® can be used globally and across sectors with the same level of stability and security. Naturally data transfer via rvs® is independent of the transfer syntax used (EANCOM®, XML or ASCII). Through the implementation of the OFTP2 standard, our software product rvsEVO is suitable for exchanging the most sensitive business information via the Internet.
The benefits for you:
  • Secure and reliable data transfer
  • Reduced costs thanks to automation and fail-safety
  • Comprehensive control and management of all internal and external data transfer
  • Flexible, scalable solutions for flexible needs
  • Can be used globally across sectors
  • rvs® guarantees successful data exchange between all partners because the solutions based on rvs® are compatible with each other.