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Instructions regarding our downloads

Important notes regarding the latest software downloads and manuals

Contact our experts:

For technical questions, RVS Service

License key:

In order to use rvs® free of charge for 30 days, you will need a license key. This is available from our customer services.
Important! If you update rvs®, the old license key will become invalid. You will need a new license key for the new version.


  • Please select your chosen software download.
  • Save your chosen download file on your hard disk.

Uncompress the software package:

  • For WINDOWS: Please use WinZip and unpack the compressed file.
  • For UNIX: Please use the “uncompress” command.

Installing rvs®:

  • In order to install rvs®, please follow the installation instructions in the user manual.
  • For WINDOWS: Launch the “SETUP.EXE” program.
  • For UNIX: Launch the self-extracting archive file.
  • Copy the license key file (rdkey.dat) to the path “…/rvs/init”.

Launching rvs®:

  • For WINDOWS: Launch the rvs® Administrator.
  • For UNIX: Enter “rvsstart”.
  • If you have any questions or experience problems with rvs®, please contact our customer services.
  • Use our form in order to do this.
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