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Next-generation OFTP2-based file transfer

Secure exchange of critical data

In a world of global information connectivity, the exchanging of critical data between business partners via various communication protocols is now an everyday occurrence. However, the field of electronic data interchange (EDI) is changing all the time.
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However, the new challenges in this area are not just quantitative ones. The new OFTP2 protocol sets new standards in B2B communication and offers small and medium-sized businesses or regions with weak infrastructures the option of exchanging data globally at low cost.
Whether you use it when communicating with your partners, customers or branches or within your own company, rvs® helps you with flexible, scalable, automated and reliable solutions for managing your data transfer. Our products can easily be integrated into existing complex IT environments and can be used around the world in any sector. With over 6,000 licenses and more than 800 customers, rvs® is one of the most established solutions in the field of secure data transfer.
rvs®EVO is part of a new generation of products implemented in Java to allow a particularly high level of flexibility. Secure data transfer with rvs®EVO is based on OFTP2 and uses the TCP/IP communication protocol.

By using an enterprise file transfer solution,

you can do more than simply exchanging data between business units. Our products offer a number of other, measurable benefits:

flexibility – performance – scalability.

Rather than maximum performance, a business needs a level of performance tailored its needs. Our scalable file transfer products fit seamlessly into any existing IT landscape.

Security and reliability.

Thanks to encryption and authentication, rvs®EVO ensures that your data only ever reach the correct recipient. Our products are also extremely fail-safe and extremely reliable.


Data transfer with rvs®EVO takes place
automatically and requires no manual intervention. It adapts flexibly to your routine business processes.
Management and monitoring.
Thanks to our managed file transfer components SNMP Agent and Central Journal, you can monitor and administer all your file transfer procedures.

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rvs®EVO is a file transfer solution that is completely programmed in Java. It is also designed for use in branch networks.

rvs®EVO offers the following features:

  • Platform, operating system and network protocol-independent integration
  • Connectivity with standard software
  • Automation of processes
  • Transfer of data in the background with no need for an operator or monitoring, adaptation to business processes thanks to the facility to select convenient transfer times
  • Automatic sending of files from configurable directories
  • Hybrid encryption and authentication, electronic signature
  • Session and file encryption
  • End-to-end response (EERP) and negative end-to-end response (NERP), digitally signed receipt acknowledgments for greater audit compliance
  • Data compression
  • Automatic restart, backup and recovery procedure for complete system restoration in the event of an error
  • Batch interface which allows central administration of nodes
  • Automatic triggering of data transfer and follow-up processing, forwarding of data via various channels (routing)
  • Easy-to-use, clear
  • user interface

New file transfer standards thanks to OFTP2

On the basis of the Odette File Transfer Protocol OFTP2, rvs®EVO offers additional functions which are not available on products based on FTP, for example end-to-end response, routing and restart. OFTP also allows data to be exchanged between business partners who use different file transfer products.
OFTP was specially developed and standardized for automated file transfer. The new standard also allows access to new file transfer worlds (e.g. the retail market). The option of using the product in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) with the Internet offers greater security.

An overview of OFTP2 features:

  • Secure, reliable data transfer via the Internet, available even in
  • regions without ISDN or X.25
  • Additional session encryption with TLS/SSL for TCP/IP
  • Encryption of user data
  • Maximum transferable file sized increased to 9.2 petabytes
  • Coding of the file name with UTF8,
  • maximum length of 999
  • characters for file names allows complete path names to be given
  • Significant potential savings for proprietary and sector-specific networks thanks to transfer via the Internet