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rvsMVS – communication for IBM host systems

A solution from the rvs® product range: Multi-protocol file transfer for hosts.

rvs® is a reliable and convenient software product for transferring files and thus for exchanging business information electronically.
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rvs® is a versatile communication system for all data regardless of content. The data can be standardized messages in accordance with EDIFACT, ODETTE or VDA, your own formats or binary information. With rvs®, commercial and technical data can be transferred. rvsMVS uses not only the ODETTE File Transfer Protocol (OFTP), the world-renowned, secure transfer protocol from the automotive industry, but also older and proprietary data transfer protocols.

The range of services.

rvsMVS ensures secure data transfer with OFTP as recommended by ODETTE International Limited.
rvsMVS uses access with corresponding protocol support:
  • TCP/IP with:
    • OFTP
  • ISDN with:
    • OFTP
  • X25 with:
    • OFTP
  • SNA with:
    • SNA (LU 6.1)
    • OFTP 

rvsMVS functions.

  • Program, network and transfer monitoring by a central rvs® monitor
  • Convenient transfer times can be set
  • Automatic triggering of transfers in the selected time window
  • Transfer of data in the background
  • Automatic follow-up processing after sending and receiving data
  • Automatic character conversion when sending and receiving data
  • “Routing” – forwarding of data including forwarding via various networks (ISDN, X.25, SNA, TCP/IP)
  • User access via:
    • Dialog interface
    • Operator interface
    • Application links via:
    • Batch interface
    • Call interface
    • User exits
  • Connection between rvsMVS and applications only possible via central control file, hence:
    • not susceptible to faults
  • unauthorized network access prevented from outside
  • Offline encryption and compression
rvs® works in accordance with the “store and forward” principle, hence it is:
  • Not susceptible to faults
  • No unauthorized access from outside
  • Application decoupled from communication

Thanks to OFTP, the following performance parameters are available.

  • Security thanks to the exchanging of passwords
  • Compression
  • Automatic restoration
  • End-to-end acknowledgment

Services for rvsMVS.

  • Consultancy
  • Process optimization
  • Installation and configuration
  • Integration
  • Training

The benefits for you.

Reliable electronic data exchange with business partners inside and outside your company – rvs® connects companies.
  • High throughput with little outlay
  • Flexible communication service available round the clock

Hardware and software requirements of rvsMVS.

rvsMVS requires no special hardware other than the technology via which data communication will take place (network link, controller for X.25, XOT for X.25, SNA, ISDN adapter).
rvsMVS works on all computers with the z/OS and OS/390 operating systems.
Depending on the network components used by rvsMVS, the following software is needed:
Use of the SNA component:
Use of the LU6.2 component:
Use of the X.25 component:
  • X.25 NPSI compatible with ACF/NCP
  • or use of an XOT router
Use of ISDN:
  • See X.25 (the ISDN network is used via X.25 and external hardware)
Use of the TCP/IP or FTP component:
  • IBM TCP/IP for MVS