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With our software tools, you can keep control of your databases

Your data are your business. And to ensure that your business runs smoothly, our Database Management Suite contains a collection of compact software tools which assist you when dealing with your IMS and DB2 databases. Our solutions and the DBA toolbox (Database Assistant) make it easier for you to administer, analyze and edit your databases. They include error diagnostics, the reconstruction of data and insights into the linking of multiple databases.
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Detailed information for root cause analysis

In order to allow efficient debugging, we offer our TIP debugging tool (test system for IMS and DB2 programs). The tool enables you to test your database applications while they are operating. You can also generate specific problems in your program sequences in order to test and predict exceptional situations. Via a special interface, you can even access your data easily and flexibly from other programs. With our Database Management Suite, you can keep control of your databases.