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With our Job Management Suite, batch processes can be prepared, executed and archived with a unique level of flexibility.
Overseeing and managing batch processes (jobs) on a mainframe and on connected Open World systems can be very time-consuming and therefore expensive for users. Our AJM Job Management Suite includes top-of-class solutions that will assist you in defining and managing jobs on a daily basis, saving you time and money in the process.
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Advanced Job Management System – Preparation (AJM/P)

A unique solution on the scheduling system market allowing job management users to prepare job definitions efficiently. User-friendly dialog with ready-made dialog elements help you to make changes to the JCL or job sequences in a secure environment.

Advanced Job Management System (AJM)

With the direct scheduling offered by AJM, you avoid lost time owing to planning or downtimes yet still remain highly flexible when adapting your jobs.
Our job management system enables you to execute jobs in an automated, controlled manner and ultimately to observe the results. When defining job processes, you can set a variety of parameters such as time or the sequence. If a problem should occur while a job is being automatically executed, the job can be restarted with a restart function. And with our Open Systems Agent, you can also integrate your Unix and Windows systems into the job processes.

AJM 4.1 documentation

3 Items
Name Description Date Version Size
AJM Referenzkarte / Quick Reference Card
PDF - only in english
Jan 4, 2013 AJM 4.1 45 KB AJM Referenzkarte / Quick Reference Card
AJM System Manual
Jun 23, 2008 AJM v3.10 PTF QZ03089 1006 KB AJM System Manual
AJM User Manual
Jun 23, 2008 AJM v3.10 PTF QZ03089 2 MB AJM User Manual

Joblog and Syslog Management System (AJM/S)

With our Joblog and Syslog Management System (AJM/S), you can archive logs such as job logs and syslogs. The product guarantees quick access to these data at all times thanks to a variety of search criteria.
The state-of-the-art archiving concept allows more than half a million joblogs to be saved in an audit-compliant manner each day.

AJM/S 2.1 documentation

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Name Description Date Version Size
AJM/S Handbuch / Manual
PDF - only in english
Jul 17, 2012 AJM/S 2.1 PTF Level QZ11003 589 KB AJM/S Handbuch / Manual
AJM/S Referenzkarte / Reference Card
PDF - only in english
Jul 17, 2012 AJM/S 2.1 PTF Level QZ11003 36 KB AJM/S Referenzkarte / Reference Card


For automatic job handling on Windows, Unix or Linux systems with the functions of the AJM and the logging capabilities of the AJM/S. By feeding trigger information from Open World systems to the AJM Scheduler, complex control procedures can be executed automatically. Controlling procedures