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z/OS software provisioning

Software Provisioning Suite for z/OS

Automate the provision of mainframe software from a central repository

PSI – Product Software Inventory

With our PSI solution, you can carry out installations and maintenance work centrally on a one-off basis. As a result, you benefit from time savings and improved quality on each other LPAR. The fact that the centrally defined parmlibs, naming conventions etc. can be adapted flexibly to local requirements and the software elements to be supplied when they are delivered to distributed LPARs means that you can equip each LPAR from a central source with your individual software package and can automatically prepare the next IPL. Make it easier to supply patches and install individual software products later on.

AppChange – deliver, change and adapt applications

Before using a new version of an application, check whether all the artifacts from the developer are available. Plan the use of the application and then use it automatically. Keep track of things with detailed status information regarding the deployment process and receive e-mails in the event of problems or successful completions.