z/OS Security Management

Security Management Suite for z/OS

With our security tools for z/OS mainframes, you are always on the safe side.

Security comes first – especially on your mainframe. Our Security Suite specially for your z/OS system offers you dedicated software tools to protect your mainframe against unauthorized access from outside and from within. An auditing tool ensures that security standards are met on your system and notifies you immediately if the limits set by you are breached.

RCD – attacks are detected immediately

If one of your users should breach your security standards, our Security Monitor will tell you immediately. The solution actively reacts to security breaches and quickly triggers predefined escalation measures. And our Intrusion Detection system protects you against attacks from outside. The solution immediately highlights attacks on your system integrity by hackers or programs – and can prevent such attacks on a long-term basis. Thanks to a sophisticated time-limited and dynamic authorization mechanism, you can dramatically reduce the number of users with long-term high-level authorizations. This significantly reduces the risk of these rights being abused. With our z/OS Security Management Suite, you are always on the safe side.

RCF – RACF administration tool

RCF is an easy-to-use RACF interface aimed not only at administrators. When used by end users, it enables you to increase productivity in RACF administration and reduce costs in the RACF settings – with complete transparency as regards the security settings. RCF offers various role-specific functions:
  • Automatic generation of RACF commands
  • Verifying the authorization of change requests
  • Guaranteed security functions and data integrity
  • Various display options for individualized views 
  • Dedicated use by security administrators, operators, auditors and end users