z/OS Storage Management

Storage Management Suite for z/OS

ESM – Extended Storage Manager

Provides the user with an overview of directories for all backups on a file or user level. Allows selective restore and supports various backup procedures (e.g. HSM, DFDSS logical/physical, volume backup, databases). Via a flexible interface, sys admins are given an HSM activity list, a list of exceptional situations and an HSM volume/aggregate backup.
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PLAX – Volume Database & Management

Storage administrators are given a tool for documenting and managing the disks of a sysplex for:
  • planning, initializing, on/offline status, maintenance jobs (defrag, backup)
  • extensive sorting and evaluation functions
For accounting and other process tasks, further information can be added.

SAT – Storage Administration Tool

Storage administrators are given a tool for:
  • an overview of storage groups and disks – both current and historic
  • Includes automatic functions: Notification, job start, threshold values
  • DFSMShsm monitor
  • Tool box, filter lists
  • An installation assistant