z/OS system management

System Management Suite for z/OS

The System Enhancement & Maintenance solution (SEM) helps you to make your IT hosting simpler, more secure and thus less expensive.


Parameterizing the exits rather than hard-coded programming creates a standardized system environment on all your LPARs and makes it easier for system supervisors without assembler knowledge to carry out system maintenance.
Avoiding development outlay and modification risks provides a convenient, easy-to-use way of specifically adapting your z/OS systems. SEM/Exit dramatically reduces maintenance times while significantly increasing system functionality. The SEM/Exits parameters can be changed without having to interrupt operations (no IPL needed).
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SEM/XSP – Cross Step Processing

Step-based outsourcing of jobs both within and outside your sysplex boundaries can have various benefits including a reduction in licensing costs. At the same time, your requirements as regards access security are covered by the “outside use” of LPARs by users and data. Using step-based job outsourcing does not require JCL modifications and can be parametrized via SEM basic functions.

SEM/ChangeMon – Change Monitor

Supports operation security for your zOS environment. Changes to protected resources (critical z/OS system datasets) are automatically recorded and backed up. As a result, backup and restore options can be used to increase system availabilities and to ensure quick disaster recovery.

SEM/SNAsec – SNA Session Security Management

SEM/SNASec combines the proven stability of a universal session management exit coding with the high flexibility of the SEM filter technique to allow individual installation specific definitions of session management rules. Instead of code changes – requiring the deactivation of the old and an activation of the new exit – SEM/SNASec recognizes that filters have been changed and automatically uses the new filter set.

SEM/AD – Auto Discovery

Departments such as purchasing, controlling and software maintenance have various requirements in the process chain – from ordering software to dedicated statements regarding the software installed on the mainframe and its use. SEM/AD helps by:
  • Initializing and managing a software inventory on the mainframe
  • Tracking use of the installed software